Sunday, 25 June 2017

2015-2017 Officers

  Executive Board Roster


Michael Morgan (email)

First Vice President

Martha Deutsch (email)

Director of Leadership

Cindy Ellenberg (email)

Director of Membership

Susannah Baxendale (email)

Director of Communications

Brad Waller (email)

Director of Education

Marian Clausen (email)

Director of Programs

Sandra Scott (email)

Director of Community Concerns

Open (email)

Director of Health

Julie France (email)

Director of Support

Denise Jefferson-Roberts (email)

Recording Secretary

Kathie Haley (email)

Corresponding Secretary

Anita Avrick (email)


Teresa Robles (email)

FInancial Secretary

Open (email)


Open (email)


Jody Storey (email)


Pam Spear (email)


Jeff Price (email)

Budget and Finance

Nancy Shafer (email)

Departments and Chairmen List


Convention Committee

Cindy Ellenberg
Julie France
Kathie Haley
Pam Spear

District Orientation

Anita Avrick
Cindy Ellenberg
Julie France
Denise Jefferson-Roberts
Terry Robles
Council Liaison - Dorothy Pemberton

Office Committee

Anita Avrick
Susannah Baxendale
Cindy Ellenberg


Leadership Outreach

Linda Haines (Consultant)

Presidents / Administrators Conference

Kathie Haley 
Cynthia Corrales
Cindy Ellenberg
Denise Jefferson-Roberts
Teresa Pierre
Jodie Storey

Spring Officers' Training Workshops

Council Liaison - Cheri Luo

Fall Officers' Training Workshops

Cynthia Corrales
Council Liaison - Rachel Jijon


Membership Committee

Jessica Yneges
Council Liaison - Michelle VanLerberghe


Publication Review

Susannah Baxendale
Cynthia Corrales
Kathie Haley
Michelle Lawson
Adriana Morgan

Content / Web Manager

Brad Waller
Chris Huerta 


LACOE Head Start Programs

Susannah Baxendale

Family Engagement

Sharon Coudyser


Lisa Snowiss
Lori Caron
Sharon Persovski
Camilla Seferian
Lisa Tripoli
Brad Waller

Teen Scene MS & HS Conference

Beth Gendreau
Denise Jefferson-Roberts


Annual Meeting

Jodie Storey
Pam Spear
Council Liaison - Maren Neufeld

Founder's Day


Honorary Service Awards

Arlesia Preyer

Mid-Winter Conference

Sondi Kroeger-Foley
Anita Avrick
Sharon Coudyser
Cindy Ellenberg
Pam Spear
Council Liaison - Jennifer Ervin

Program Directory

Janet Tajii


Bilingual Outreach / Translation Services

Terry Robles

Diversity and Inclusion Conference

Yvette Caesar


Anna Mojica

Foster Children

Martha Sodetani

Juvenile Portection & Justice / Youth Camps

Susannah Baxendale
Kathie Haley


Children with Special Needs

Patty Salgado

Red Ribbon

Carmen Marquez

Family Health


Mental Health




Legislative Network

Joan Jakubowski

Legislation Conference

Beth Gendreau

Sacramento Safari

Malcohm Heron
Anita Avrick
Martha Deutsch
Cindy Ellenberg
Michael Henges
Jeff Price
Barbara Inatsugu (Consultant)




Budget & Finance director

Nancy Shafer

FInancial Secretary


Budget & Finance

Lisa Uyematsu (Chairman)
Nancy Shafer
Martha Deutsch
Cindy Ellenberg


Bylaws & Procedures

Susannah Baxendale
Martha Deutsch
Cindy Ellenberg
Council  Liaison - Elena Wraight

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Thirty-Third District PTA Chairmen

The chairmen listed below are appointed by the president and ratified by the Executive Board. Some of the projects for which the chairmen are appointed are not done every year. As a result, not all chairmen listed need to be appointed every year. Additional chairmen can be added to the list by the president as the need arises.

Annual Meeting

This person acts as chairman of the Annual Meeting committee and will work with the program committee for the Annual Meeting to make arrangements for the meeting, the food and the program, including a speaker or speakers.

Child and Family Health

This chairman communicates information concerning all health and dental matters, promotes CPR and first aid classes, immunizations, blood donor programs and community health classes and fairs.

Citizenship and Inspiration

This chairman provides inspirational messages and leads the Pledge of Allegiance at all district meetings and events. Through timely citizenship articles in newsletters and flyers, this person will promote participation in civic and commemorative occasions.

Crescent Courier Editor/Publisher

The editor receives articles gathered by the director of communications and formats the district’s newsletter, the Crescent Courier.  

Diversity & Inclusion

The chairman works with units, councils and district in seeking ways to make PTA more inclusive. This person also acts as chairman of the Diversity & Inclusion Conference and works with the committee to make arrangements for the program.


This chairman encourages units and councils to contribute an exhibit to be shown at the Annual Meeting by providing guidelines and directions. The chairman arranges for participation and merit awards.

Fall Officers Training

This chairman and the committee procures a location, organizes the workshops and speakers, as well as any other activities appropriate for the event.

Founders Day

This person acts as chairman of the Founders Daycommittee.At the Mid-Winter Conference, a program honoring PTA founders is presented. The program also recognizes and honors district presidents, past and present.The chairman arranges for a Founders Day monetary collection.

Honorary Service Award

This person acts as chairman of the Honorary Service Award committee which arranges all the amenities and presentations of Honorary Service Awards.                                  

Hot Flashes Editor

The editor prepares a monthly bulletin that is made available at the Executive Board meetings to alert members to special events and remind them of deadlines and due dates.

Leadership Outreach Committee

This committee is chaired by the leadership services director. It is the responsibility of the director and committee to make themselves available to the councils for all types of leadership workshops and training.All requests for training must go through the director of leadership services.

Legislation Conference

This chairman and committee plan and coordinate the Annual Legislation Conference, which takes place every fall to acquaint unit and council legislation chairmen and other interested members with the procedures of the Thirty-Third District PTA and state legislation processes, as well as provide information on subject matter advocacy.

Legislation Network

The chairman sets up and maintains a member-to-member network to keep membership aware of any legislative alerts and the action necessary.

Mid-Winter Conference

This person acts as chairman of the Mid-Winter Conference committee and works with the program committee for the Mid-Winter Conference to make arrangements for the meeting, the food and the program.

Office Committee

The chairman of theoffice committee must be a member of the Board of Directors and oversees issues related to the Thirty-Third District office.


The photographer takes photographs at district events for inclusion in both the Historians Book and president’s Memory Video.

Presidents and Administrators Conference

The chairman and committee make arrangements for the conference, the food and the program, including a speaker or speakers, appropriate for the audience of unit and council presidents, principals and superintendents.

Program Directory

The chairman promotes the publication of unit and council program directory booklets, establishing guidelines, forms and calendar due dates. A recognition program is developed by this chairman, with awards presented at the Annual Meeting.

Publications Review

This committee is charged with reviewing all district publications before they are printed for distribution.

Red Ribbon Program

The chairman gathers and dispenses informative and timely materials to membership in all areas of substance abuse and coordinates local, state and national projects.

Reflections Program

The chairman works closely with the councils in providing information on the many areas of the National PTA-sponsored Reflections Program.


This person is the chairman of the resolutions committee. The chairman initiates and develops any district-inspired resolutions and works with units or councils on proposed resolutions for the California State PTA Convention.

Sacramento Safari

The chairman coordinates and oversees all arrangements for the annual Sacramento Safari trip.

Safety Chairman

The safety chairman works closely with Thirty-Third District PTA on all safety concerns and directs the district’s Safety Awards Contest.

Special Education

The special education chairman communicates information concerning all aspects of special education issues.

Spring Officers Training

This chairman and the committee procures a location, organizes the workshops and speakers, as well as any other activities appropriate for the event.

“Teen Scene” Middle and High School Conference

The chairman and committee plan the Teen Scene conference, which is for middle and high school students (6-12 grades), parents and educators. The subject matter of the conference may include school climate, counseling, career paths, alternative programs, alternative schools and planning for higher education.

Student Involvement

This chairmanship may be appointed by the president, may be chaired by a student and provides input on student concerns, activities and how to increase student involvement.

Support Services

There may be several chairmen involved in arranging for refreshments, decorations and general hospitality for all district meetings, including Executive Board meetings, workshops and conferences.

Website Design, Maintenance & Content

The Website Design & Maintenance chairman shall be the webmaster. He or she will oversee the design and technical maintenance of the website. The president shall appoint committee members who are experts in graphics and technical design.

Youth Camps/Facilities

The chairman of this committee will work closely with the youth camp/facility administrative staff to assist with setting up and assisting their PTA units. The chairman and/or members of the committee will support the youth facilities/camps by attending their PTA meetings and may serve as a member of the school site council and regularly reports back to the executive board on student activities and provides information about any needs that the district may be able to fulfill through gift donations and/or monetary support.

Thirty-Third District PTA Departments

Communication Services Department

The fourth vice president is the director of this department. The department is responsible for the Thirty-Third District PTA website, publicity, publications review, mailing services and media contacts, and for publication of the Crescent Courier and Hot Flashes.

Community Concerns Department

The seventh vice president is the director of this department. The department is responsible for keeping the membership aware of their community resources as well as their environment. This includes the Diversity & Inclusion Conference, emergency preparedness and safety, environmental issues, fire prevention information and juvenile protection/youth camps.

Education Services Department

The fifth vice president is the director of this department. The department is responsible for “Teen Scene” Middle and High School Conference, Reflections Program, parent education programs, and student involvement.

Financial Services Department

The director of this department is the treasurer. The department is responsible for overseeing reservations, budget and finance and auditing, as well as the fiduciary responsibilities of the district.

Health Services Department

The eighth vice president is the director of this department. The department is responsible for providing the membership with the latest information on immunizations and health care, healthy foods, substance abuse issues, Red Ribbon activities, HIV/AIDS, mental health, special education and other areas of concern. Information on various health fairs as well as special events covering health related activities should also be made available to the membership.

Leadership Services Department

The second vice president is the director of this department. The department is responsible for the organization of new units, Fall and Spring Officers training, Presidents and Administrators Conference, and coordinating the district mentor program.

Legislation Services Department

The director of this department is appointed by the president and serves on the Board of Directors. The department is responsible for Sacramento Safari, the Legislation Conference, the Legislation Electronic Network, resolutions for California State PTA Convention and informing the membership about current legislative and educational issues regarding children.

Membership Services Department

The third vice president is the director of this department. The department is responsible for coordinating membership materials for councils and units, promoting year-round involvement, monitoring council and unit results, providing reports, directing the district’s individual membership campaign and providing incentives and awards.

Program Services Department

The sixth vice president is the director of this department. The department is responsible for the Mid-Winter Conference program, the Annual Meeting program, the Founders Day presentation, the Honorary Service Award presentations, exhibits, citizenship/inspiration, and the unit and council program directory information and awards.

Support Services Department

The ninth vice president is the director of this department. The department is responsible for overseeing the district meeting arrangements, arranging district meeting hospitality and assisting committees with hospitality needs for their workshops and conferences.

Thirty-Third District PTA, 5629 Pearce Avenue, Lakewood, CA 90712
Mailing Address: Thirty-Third District PTA, PO Box 1235, Lakewood, CA 90714
Phone: 562-804-4519