Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Running Your PTA

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PTA Insurance Inquiries

For inquiries about the PTA insurance plan, please see below and contact:

Knight Insurance Services
Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(800) 733-3036 Phone
(888) 770-1883 Toll Free Fax

Please refer to their PTA Website for Loss Prevention Guide and/or PTA information: 
user name: ptausersCA
password: member17 


Insurance Loss and Prevention Guide

The Insurance and Loss Prevention Guide is designed to help unit, council and district PTAs select fundraising activities, sponsored programs, and events. It outlines the risks associated with planned activities. The guide is mailed to unit, council and district PTAs annually in November. Our insurance policy is held with Knight Insurance Services. The website is

Before planning any PTA activities, consult the Insurance and Loss Prevention Guide.

The Insurance and Loss Prevention Guide provides direction on the programs and events in which a PTA may participate. It is divided into three sections: Green Light, Yellow Light and Red Light.

Green Light includes the approved activities and events.

Yellow Light includes the cautioned activities and events. Participation in these activities may require additional insurance coverage, waivers of liability, and certificates of insurance. PTA must strictly adhere to PTA guidelines and/or other special arrangements. PTA must meet all stipulated conditions and must consult the insurance broker prior to undertaking these activities.

Red Light includes the prohibited activities and events that are not covered under insurance for the PTA and, if conducted, are considered to be a violation of California State PTA policies and may result in the withdrawal of a PTA’s charter. If a PTA sponsors or conducts an activity listed in the Red Light Section and someone is injured, the individual PTA officers can be held personally liable.

Child care programs are not covered under the California State PTA comprehensive general liability insurance policy. If a PTA sponsors such a program, it must purchase separate insurance for the program. Although child care programs are not covered, baby-sitting services during meetings and events when a parent is on the premises are acceptable and encouraged when following appropriate guidelines (PTA Provided Baby-Sitting Services).

The California State PTA strongly urges unit, council and district PTAs to refrain from serving alcoholic beverages at PTA functions. PTAs cannot sell or serve alcoholic beverages. See the Insurance and Loss Prevention Guide, Red Light Section. Information about alcohol and PTA events is included in the Section on fundraising events.

(from the California State PTA Toolkit)

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