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Elections & Nominations

Electing the Nominating Committee

  • Nominating Committee/Elections Packet
    (checklist, committee report template, election script) 

The Bylaws for Local PTA/PTSA Units state that the nominating committee is elected by the membership at an association meeting at least two months prior to the annual election meeting. The bylaws also specify how many members and alternates are elected and who is eligible to serve on the committee. No member shall serve on the nominating committee for two consecutive years.

The purpose of the nominating committee is to recognize and seek qualified nominees for the elected leadership of your PTA. The members of the committee, therefore, have a tremendous influence on the future of your PTA and should be carefully selected.

Serving on a nominating committee is an honor and a privilege. This committee is your PTA’s most influential internal body, and because it deals with sensitive issues, deliberations of this committee are kept confidential.

Nominating committee members should have a broad acquaintance with the membership and an understanding of the organization’s functions and its purposes. The committee should include both experienced leadership as well as newer members.

Nominating Committee Responsibilities

The Bylaws for Local PTA/PTSA Units indicate which officers are elected at the annual election meeting of your PTA. It is not the responsibility of the nominating committee to appoint chairmen for the upcoming term. The president appoints committee chairmen; subject to ratification by the executive board (board-elect).

The nominating committee elects its own chairman. The chairman and the committee should review requirements for nominees and duties of each elected officer as outlined in the Bylaws for Local PTA/PTSA Units, Article VI, Sections 1-9. A membership list from the association and its feeder school(s) and/or magnet schools in the area should be provided to the committee. Only those persons who are eligible and who have given their consent to serve if elected, shall be nominated for office.

Further information regarding the nominiation of new officers, responsbilities of the Parliamentarian, and election procedures are outlined in the California PTA Toolkit, Section 2 PTA Management:

FAQ – Nominations and Elections

Can the nominating committee fill one position with two people who are willing to share the duties of the office?
No. A position may be filled by only one person. If unusual circumstances exist that require more than one person to handle the duties of a particular position then an assistant or deputy position may be created. Caution: If the assistant or deputy position is included by amending your bylaws, that position will then be required on all future boards. Alternatively, an assistant or deputy position with a clear description of the job duties may be added to the standing rules to allow for the position without requiring it on all future boards.

Can one person be nominated for more than one office?
Yes. However, a member can serve in only one capacity at a time. In such a case, if the person elected to two or more offices is present, she can choose which of the offices she will accept. If she is absent, the assembly should decide by vote the office to be assigned, and then elect others to fill the other office(s).”

Can a vacant position on the proposed nominating committee report be filled after the report has been submitted and posted?
Yes. If a nominee withdraws before the election, the committee must reconvene as soon as possible to agree upon another nominee. If an office is vacant after the election because an officer-elect resigns or because no one was elected to fill the office, it shall be considered a vacant office to be filled by the board-elect according to the bylaws.

How does the nominating committee handle the acceptance of the nomination for a position after the report has been submitted?
If someone accepts a nomination after the report has been submitted (at least thirty days prior to the election meeting), the nominating committee chairman will read a revised report to inform the membership of the new nominee for office at the annual (election) meeting.

The Nominating Committee

At the first meeting of the Nominating Committee, the parliamentarian reads that section of the unit bylaws (Article V, Section 2) indicating which officers are elected at the unit’s annual election meeting and provides copies of section 2.2 of the California State PTA Toolkit (pages pertaining to the responsibilities of the nominating committee). The parliamentarian then conducts the committee’s election of its chairman. Unless previously elected as a member of the nominating committee, the parliamentarian leaves the meeting.

The work of the nominating committee is important – arguably the most important work done as it sets the tone of your unit for the future. This is a time when the feelings of your members should be carefully considered. The nominating process must be done in an orderly way. Discussions during the nominating process are strictly confidential, and no information should leave the meeting. The committee is not obligated to nominate any current officer eligible to serve a second term. The committee is obligated to seek out the best member to serve in a particular office.

The names of the nominees need to be submitted to the membership thirty (30) days prior to the election. If an elected member of the nominating committee is not available, one of the alternates steps in and becomes a permanent member of the committee. The original (non-attending) member of the committee does not return to the committee. In the event a nominee withdraws prior to the election, the committee must reconvene to select another nominee.

The final duty of the committee occurs at the election meeting when the chairman reads the report of the committee to the membership. Remember to elect your committee at an association meeting. Once elected, this committee continues to serve until the election meeting.

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