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Running Your PTA

A Note on Dues

How Much is Enough?
Keep your dues affordable so that everyone can afford to join!

A good rule of thumb for membership dues is to specify an amount that will cover per capita for the constituent organizations—National PTA, California State PTA, the district PTA and council PTA (if in council)—and a small portion of each membership for liability insurance premiums. To change the amount of membership dues, the unit bylaws must be amended.

Membership Dues Versus Donations
A PTA may wish to solicit additional donations (there is a special line for this on the new membership envelope) and have levels of membership for different prices. However, there is only one level of PTA membership. The actual amount of per person dues is specified in the bylaws and prospective members must be allowed to join at that price.

If a PTA wishes to solicit donations with varying levels of contribution, it may do so as a separate project from the membership campaign. For example, a gold donor/patron could be $100; a silver donor/patron could be $50, etc. The details of this project must be outlined in the standing rules of the bylaws and approved annually by the membership. Remember to keep contributions and membership dues separate in your accounting and regular financial reports.

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As nearly 1 million Californians supporting 9 million California children as part of a century-long, nationwide, grassroots movement, California State PTA is a professional, non-profit volunteer organization committed to the well-being of all children and families.

Annual membership dues include per capita dues to your council (if in council), PTA district, California State PTA, and National PTA. The remaining portion stays in the unit. Dues may differ in amount in each PTA.

The portion of dues paid to a unit that is specified in the bylaws as due the National PTA, the California State PTA, PTA district, and council (if in council), known as “per capita dues,” does not belong to the unit, but must be forwarded through channels at the completion of the enrollment month and by the first of each month thereafter. Once membership per capita has been sent by the unit through channels, dues cannot be refunded to an individual member.

To remain in good standing, a unit must remit through channels, the required per capita membership and insurance in time to be postmarked by Thirty Third District PTA no later than March 15.

Family Memberships

The California State PTA does not encourage, but rather discourages, multiple and/or family memberships. The concept of group memberships (e.g., family memberships) must include the payment of per capita dues and a membership card issued to each member.


What Dues Provide

Administrative Reimbursement: Officers, Chairmen
Convention Delegates
Emergency Student Assistance
Newsletters, Notices, Web site
Organization Expenses
Parent Education, Study Groups
Program Booklets
School-Student Projects

Administrative Reimbursement: Officers, Chairmen
Community Projects
Convention Delegates
Emergency Student Assistance
Leadership Training
Newsletters, Yearbooks
Reimbursement: Officers, Chairs

Administrative Reimbursement: Officers, Chairmen
Convention Delegates
Emergency Student Assistance
Leadership Training and Projects
PTA District Newsletter
Reimbursement: Officers, Chairs
Workshops and Conferences

Administrative Reimbursement: Officers, Chairmen
California State PTA Convention
California State PTA Offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento
California State PTA Toolkit
National PTA Convention Delegates
Newsletter (PTA in California)
Publications and Supplies
Reimbursement: Officers & Legislation
Special Projects

Administrative Reimbursement: Officers, Chairmen
Field Services
Legislative Office: Washington, DC
Magazine (Our Children)
National PTA Convention
National PTA Headquarters: Chicago
Reimbursement: Officers, Chairs & Legislative Committee
Special Projects

Membership Awards

Due Dates (Due to Thirty Third District)

October 17 - Ready, Set…Remit! (30 members)
November 1 - Membership Remittance
January 17 - PTA Unit Spotlight Award (must have received the Ready, Set…Remit! award to qualify to apply)
April 1 - District Creative Membership Award
June 13 - Final membership remittance
June 13 - 100% Membership Award


Membership Themes and Incentives

Contact your Council or District Membership Chair for more information.

Keep Your Eye on Membership!


Thirty-Third District Membership

2017-18 Membership Contest


Each year, we want to inspire our units and councils to excel in membership recruitment and recognize the one council and one unit which have done the very best.  Each month we award the traveling trophy for current bragging rights. At the end of the year, the ultimate winners, the Thirty-Third District PTA Membership MVPs, will be memorialized on the permanent trophy which will be displayed proudly for all to see at our Hall of Fame in the Thirty-Third District PTA office

Our contest does not take the actual numbers of members each unit and council has brought in—our councils are so disparate in size that would not be fair.  Instead, our contest is about accumulating points for having done things which promote membership, show participation and effort, as well as achieving membership milestones.  There are lots of ways to earn points as well as a few significant ways to lose points.  Mostly we want to take the positive route, but there are a few milestones that we feel strongly should be reached, so strongly we'll penalize if a unit doesn't reach them! 


Units earn points by:

  • Earn 100 points by submitting your membership goal and theme for 2017-18 to your council and Thirty-Third District PTA by the October 2017 Council President’s Meeting.Your goal should be ambitious, but credible.
  • Earn 200 points if your unit meets your stated goal.Bonus points may be added based on the difficulty of achieving your stated goal (ie. a 10% membership increase goal will be awarded more bonus points than having a goal of one member more than the previous year).
  • Earn 100 points if your unit submits 30 members (or more) by the September Thirty-Third District Executive Board Meeting.
  • Earn 50 points if your unit submits 30 members (or more) by the October Thirty-Third District Executive Board Meeting.
  • Units will get 100 bonus points for each consecutive year of membership increase over the prior year's total looking at the past 5 years of data.(This gives the units that have been doing an outstanding job a chance to compete.)
  • Earn 200 points if 2017-18 is the highest membership year in the past 5 years.
  • Earn 180 points if your unit gets 18 more members than the year before.
  • Earn 25 points for each month your unit submits at least one membership.
  • Earn 50 points for each membership password you submit.
  • Earn 50 points for each Random Act of Membership Excellence that your unit submits.For example, did you have a membership table at an event?Take a picture and send it to us.Did you do something really creative to help reach your membership goal?Tell us about it.(Maximum 5 submissions for 250 points).

Possible Bonus Points:

  • Earn bonus points for completing National PTA or CAPTA Membership Challenges that may be announced throughout the year such Teachers Matter, Male Membership Madness, Kickoff to Male Membership, Spotlight Awards, etc.

How Units Lose Points:

  • Lose 180 points if your unit does not get at least 18 more members than last year.
  • Lose 100 points if your unit does not submit 30 members by the December Thirty-Third District Executive Board Meeting.
  • Lose points if your unit goes way up in membership one year and way down the next over and over.Exactly how many points are lost will depend on how many years yo-yoing has been going on.
  • Lose points if your unit stays at suspiciously low membership numbers month after month.

How councils earn points:

  • Earn 100 points if your council submits its membership goal and theme for 2017-18 to Thirty-Third District PTA.We must receive the theme and goal at district by the October 2017 Council Presidents meeting).
  • Earn 25 points a month for submitting the password on behalf of the council.

All calculations and tracking will be done by the Thirty-Third District PTA Membership Team. We need you to work as a team and encourage your units and council to make sure all membership dues are remitted on time.



Club 100 Award

  • For those units that reach a membership total of 100% of their school’s enrollment, you will be designated a “Club 100 Award Winner” and will receive a banner to hang at your school site in recognition of your hard work and membership excellence.

California State PTA offers many ideas that PTA's can use to campaign for new or renewing members. Check out the CA PTA Membership themes section here.  The CA State PTA Membership Web page has many great resources for training and ideas, as well as full details on these contests.

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