Thirty-Third District PTA Mission Statement:

The mission of Thirty-Third District PTA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is to authentically empower and support the equitable representation of diverse groups and cultures in membership, leadership, and advocacy efforts through cultural appreciation and humility, internal assessment, socio-cultural education, and sustainability. 

Core Values:

Advocacy – actively and consistently supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in PTA’s public and internal causes, bylaws, policies, and procedures

Appreciation – taking the time to learn about different diverse groups and cultures and their traditions in an effort to understand the truths of these cultures and embrace them in a respectful manner

Cultural Humility – utilizing educated awareness and appreciation in the discussion of varying perspectives with the understanding that we have different lived experiences

Internal Assessment – consistently and openly assessing our individual and institutional beliefs, policies and procedures to determine the best practices to ensure the authentic pursuit of cultural humility and the appreciation, representation, sustainability, and promotion of diverse groups and cultures in decision-making positions of power and advocacy efforts

Representation – expanding our focus to create a safe, supportive environment to ensure that the recruitment of diverse groups and cultures in membership, leadership, and advocacy efforts is authentic, sustainable, equitable, and inclusive

Socio-cultural Education – learning to effectively engage with diverse groups and cultures by reflecting on one’s own culture, the culture of others in their own voice, and culture in general to gain understanding for those who differ from us; thus recognizing and preventing generalizations, misconceptions, implicit and/or explicit biases, stereotypes, and/or prejudices based on prior experiences with people of similar backgrounds

Sustainability – exerting continued and active energy to genuinely provide the resources and support needed for the membership, leadership, and advocacy efforts of diverse groups and cultures to thrive and remain diverse, equitable, and inclusive within Thirty-Third District

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