February Newsletter Legislative Information 2/15/22

Melissa T.M. DeChandt

2022-2023 CA State Budget and Education Funding

The recent presentation of Governor Newsom’s proposed 2022-2023 state budget showed us all what a truly a remarkable time it is for education in California, with the single biggest allocation in the total budget being proposed for school funding. 

Schools from transitional kindergarten to high school and community colleges would receive $102 billion plus $16 billion in a windfall surplus from this year, allowing for one of the most fundamental changes to education over the last 100 years, the phasing in of a new grade, Transitional Kindergarten (TK). 

While this proposed budget significantly increases investments in California education, it does not address the inadequate base funding of our schools. The LCFF base funding is based on 2007-08 funding levels that are not adequate for the students of 2022. While acknowledging a modest investment, CAPTA would also like to see an increased investment and focus on special education funding and policies.

California State PTA will continue to work with both the administration and Legislature to ensure the needs of California’s children and families are met. As PTA members, this is an opportunity for advocacy both locally and throughout California.

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CAPTA’s Legislative Team is providing support to a multitude of legislative proposals, below: 

Education Legislation

AB 1609 (Muratsuchi)  SUPPORT

Ensures more fiscal stability for school district declining enrollment for the 2022-2023 fiscal year

AB 579 (Allen) SUPPORT

Creates an ADA hold harmless mechanism for districts under the LCFF for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 fiscal years.

AB 1614 (Muratsuchi) SUPPORT and SPONSOR

Bill would add $4.2 billion inot the existing LCFF above the COLA for the 2022-23 fiscal year. This would put CA into the top ten states for education funding.

SB 878 (Skinner) SUPPORT

Universal state-funded bus transportation for TK-12 students

AB 1675 (Ward) SUPPORT

Streamline California licensing process for military spouses who hold out-of-state teaching credentials.

Health Advocacy Legislation

AB 58 (Salas) SUPPORT

Sucide prevention policy and education

AB 558 (Nazarian) SUPPORT

School Meal Child Nutrition Act

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

SB 291 (Stern) SUPPORT

Give Students a Voice Act: creates a student advisory group of 16-24 year old students with disabilities who will advise the State Advisory Commision on Special Education and one member from the youth group will sit on the State Advisory group.

Family Engagement 

AB 740 (McCarty) SUPPORT

Foster youth: school suspension and expulsion

AB 1615 (Ting) SUPPORT

Foster youth: Expanded transition-age housing

Community Concerns

SCR 65 (Rubio) SUPPORT

Proclaiming February Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month

Ballot Measures and Initiatives 

Referendum on Ban of Flavored Tobacco

Referendum on 2020 law that bans sale to youth

Arts Education Funding STUDY

Provide additional funds with an increased share going to disadvantaged schools

Plastic Waste Reduction FINISHED STUDY

Decrease plastic waste by taxing single-use plastics. May add a few billion annually.

Federal Legislation Update

National PTA has recently endorsed the following federal legislation:

  • The Teachers and Parents at the Table Act (H.R. 5667)
  • The Healthy Meal Time Act (H.R. 6526)
  • The Pell Grant for Students With Disabilities Act (H.R. 5739)
  • The IDEA Full Funding Act (H.R. 5984/S.3213)
  • The Early Childhood Nutrition Improvement Act (H.R.5919)
  • The Arts Education for All Act (H.R. 5581)
  • National Youth Justice Action Month Resolution (H.R. 723)
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Monthly Advocacy and Briefing Call

Join the California State PTA Legislation Team for an informational briefing, followed by an opportunity to speak with Legislation Team members, in small group settings, to ask questions and discuss effective ways to advocate at your school, district, and greater community, during office hours.

The next call is March 15th at 7:00 pm PST. Click here to register and join the Zoom call.



The trauma, disruption, stress, and isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have acutely impacted the mental well-being of our nation’s youth. On December 7, 2021, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy issued an advisory sounding the alarm on the mental health crisis facing our young people. America’s growing youth mental health crisis has been exacerbated by the pandemic and could have wide-ranging, long-term effects on an entire generation, posing significant public health challenges that require our immediate attention!

We are hearing more than ever before from parents, students, and educators about the urgent need for greater mental health supports, particularly for increased numbers of school-based mental health service professionals, a key recommendation in the Surgeon General’s advisory. 

Congress is in final negotiations for the FY2022 spending package and critical resources for school-based mental and behavioral health workers, including school counselors, school psychologists, and school social workers are on the line. This funding would support schools in meeting the mental and behavioral health needs of all students. 

Join us in this fight for all children in our nation to have access to the mental health support and services that every child deserves by clicking here to log in and send your message.