Getting Activated is Quick and Easy

Once the unit treasurer and president have connected and authenticated your checking account, your unit should be activated within one business day and ready to collect memberships. If you have any trouble, please contact Brad Waller, our Director of Membership

Five Easy Steps

  1. Invite your leaders—you can request your invitation using this link –
  2. Confirm your PTA/PTSA information specifically your Dues amount (pre filled information is from California State PTA records, but should be confirmed by local leaders)
  3. Connect your bank account –
  4. Authenticate the bank account (If the treasurer signed your PTA up then the President authenticates, if the President signed up then the Treasurer authenticates — or other two officers)
  5. Personalize your site –

Once these steps are completed, the PTA is activated and receives an email. The council (if in council), the district, and the e-membership team at California State PTA will also get the activation email notification.