The purpose of Publications Review is to ensure that all official communications are clear, accurate and have been approved by Board, Publications Review team and the director/chair over the event/program/project in question.

The Process 

  1. Create your flyer/documents. Use this handy checklist and adhere to these due dates. If you need a copy of a previous year event flyers or materials, email Vera at The director and chair should work closely on venue selection, pricing, deadlines and updating the materials accordingly.
  2. Once drafted, review the style guide and edit your documents accordingly.
  3. Submit your word doc(s) as [PROGRAM/EVENT] pub sub. For example: Annual Meeting April 2019 pub sub, or Sacramento Safari pub sub. You may use one submission form for several related documents.
  4. Email the submission form, your documents to, the chairman of the event and the director for the event.
  5. The committee will return the edited document(s) along with this form. Follow the directions listed in the committee’s section in red below. Final documents will be emailed to the contacts listed above AND


Need Help? Have Questions? Need a Hug? 

Don’t stress. Simply reach out to our stellar Publications Review chairperson, Susannah Baxendale at