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Sacramento Safari

Sacramento Safari is an educational and advocacy-training trip to Sacramento and is open to all interested members. High school students are invited to attend, but must be accompanied by a chaperone.

Through scheduled visits to the Legislature and representatives, participants learn how the legislative system works and about advocacy and pending legislation. 

Program Includes:​

  • Extraordinary speakers

  • Meetings with your legislators, when possible

  • Legislative committee meetings, when possible

  • General Sessions of the Senate or Assembly, when possible

  • Guided tour of the Capitol, optional

  • Meetings with PTA advocates

Each unit or council sending a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT must provide a chaperone. Thirty-Third District PTA will provide a certificated teacher as part of the program. 

For questions about the program, please email our Director of Legislation at

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, recent Sacramento Safari trips have been postponed.

More information for future opportunities will be posted when available.

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