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Thirty-Third District PTA Shadowing Program

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Thirty-Third District PTA's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI) aims to recruit and train people from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented councils to serve in district-level leadership positions. The DEI Committee’s Shadowing Program seeks to achieve this goal by establishing a mentorship-style experience where potential leaders can shadow current district chairs and board members.


The Shadowing Program provides mentee participants with the opportunity to observe and learn from currently seated district officers and committee chairs as they perform the routine duties of their positions. Additionally, the program allows mentee participants to explore specific expectations, responsibilities, and possibilities of eligible district positions in order to create a realistic picture of the tasks performed and how the organization functions best.

The Shadowing Program allows mentor participants to share their experiences and identify a potential pool of candidates for future elected and appointed positions. Furthermore, the program allows mentor participants to showcase how they have customized their role in an effort to streamline tasks, focus on new areas of concern, and/or create new programs, services, training opportunities, etc.





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